In Beijing spring exhibitions, local projects accounted for only a into

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Held in Beijing real estate trade fair, the protagonist is singing outside Beijing real estate projects, local projects accounted for only a into.
Known as the "Beijing property market barometer" known as Beijing spring real estate trade fair opened yesterday, this is the nation's most first exhibitions in the new "country of five" Beijing rules landing after the severe.
The strong price of Beijing project
"This spring is a bit cold, no matter the weather or the real estate market in Beijing, still did not feel the awaken of spring." Perhaps influenced by the Beijing rules, the Beijing City Real Estate Association Secretary General Chen Zhi in the assembly meeting says.
"The exhibition of Beijing projects about 50, compared with last year, the number of basically the same as the fall exhibitions." Vice secretary general of Beijing organizing committee will be formed to long Zheng Xiangdong to the "daily of the first finance and economics" is introduced, this year the project characteristics of Beijing is relatively remote location, prices for the same period last year spring floating there.
According to the real exhibition organizing committee statistics, part of the Beijing project widely distributed here, Chaoyang, Fengtai, West Fangshan, Daxing, Changping, Mentougou and other various districts and counties of Fangshan, Shunyi, Tai Hing, which is concentrated peatlands area. In the loop distribution, Wuhuanyinei projects accounted for only 5% of total number of Beijing project, five to six ring projects accounted for 73%, six ring outside projects accounted for 22%.
"The downturn last spring show is in the real estate market, so more discount project." For prices, Zheng Xiangdong explanation says, because the second half of last year and early this year the Beijing property market a round of transactions climax, the Beijing housing prices and on a higher level, so the spring exhibition project in Beijing prices last year spring show a certain rise.
Maintain prices strong, seems to have become the common choice of the developers in the current policy digestion period. East Xinhua real estate marketing director Jia Yupeng said, in the new deal under the influence, at least need to stable prices in the two quarter. But asked whether under the project during promotions, Jia Yupeng has given a negative answer. In exhibitions will be the scene of Vanke, Jin Yu and other developers have made the same choice.
Has the industry analysis, the "country of five" new introduction makes the 20% tax are strictly implemented, in the implementation process for the secondary market blow more strongly, so a lot of the purchase of second-hand housing demand is extruded to the new home market. Under this influence, the mentality of developers also gradually from the past "to change the price of" into the "secret site sell", so it is very difficult to have the price of space.
Outside the project to sing leading role
Surprise ultra-low discount, special room 7500 yuan / square meters, the entire purchase mortgage 10 percent off, 8% off...... Compared to the Beijing local projects slightly strong, outside the project regardless of the price or concessions seemed quite tempting, seems particularly cherish the harsh Beijing new deal to bring them the sales opportunity.
"You can give the value of 4000 yuan ticket, participate in group purchase but also in the discount on the basis of the existing 2% off again." Hainan Wanning a project for the purchase of such marketing.
Enter the real site, eyeful is resort real estate, Theseas Apartments and other publicity, so that a visitor can not help but sigh: "this is the Beijing exhibitions?" Indeed, compared to about 50 items of local Beijing, and outside of the field projects occupy the absolute main force.
According to the organizing committee statistics, this exhibition has gathered the 200 domestic real estate project in, carry out the highest since record. In addition to the Beijing project, the domestic project mainly from Hainan, Yunnan, Shandong and other regions.
At the same time, also want to take in Beijing kept a cup of a thick soup are from overseas real estate projects.
Beijing citizens will be the introduction of overseas real estate projects since 2009, successive years the exhibition scale magnifying. The 2011 spring exhibition, only more than 80 overseas real estate projects in more than 20 countries and regions participating; by 2012, the scope of overseas project will expand to 130 developers in more than 30 countries and regions.
While the number of this year spring fair international project is to create the new record number of exhibitors, from Asia, Europe, America and other dozens of countries and regions of the project exceeded 300, type of the project covers many areas of immigration, investment, business and tourism.
"The domestic real estate market in the total control, to give people the feeling is not very stable. And as more and more people go abroad to travel or study abroad, foreign real estate investment market gradually came into the sight of Chinese people." A British apartment projects exhibitors expresses to our newspaper reporter, now there are more and more British real estate projects will target customers targeting the chinese.