Speed up to build a world-class exhibition

Time:2013-05-17    From:Alibaba    View:1438
The morning of May 16th, Shenzhen mayor Xu Qin led the team to the scene examination fair preparations, stressed the need to strive for excellence, and strive to improve the fair office level and international level, running to quality reflects the "Shenzhen quality", to ensure the fair every year more wonderful.
Xu Qin line at the Convention Center to check the fair the main exhibit hall, and the Futian cultural and creative park, Artron group, Shenzhen music hall fair preparations of important activities held, listen to the fair for the work report of the previous paper, made Bo Club achievements fully affirmed, thanks to participate in the relevant departments and units fair preparations.
Xu Qin stressed that the fair in the aspects of hardware conditions, management processes, services such as security to catch up to the international advanced level, in accordance with the "Shenzhen quality" requirements, pay attention to detail, in fine, high quality efforts, and constantly improve the exhibition level, constantly adapt to international demand, by introducing aggregation International Exhibition of resources, talent initiatives, further in line with international brand exhibition, and strive to make fair more quality and more level, highlights the "national" and "international" positioning.
Xu Qin of ICIF last stage of exhibition and fairs during the work request. He pointed out that the relevant departments and units to be meticulous, rigorous and careful, the security in a prominent position on the fire, food hygiene and safety work further deployment and requirements, strictness, do plan; do a good job during the fair traffic organization, urban environmental remediation work, create a beautiful environment, create a good host the fair atmosphere for the success of the fair, become an important platform to promote the development of Shenzhen culture industry, cultural undertakings to revitalize and publicity of the image of the city.