"The highest technology" will bring you "get along well with" satellite

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Yesterday, Wuhan International Conference and Exhibition Center held the "highest science and technology history" exhibition. In the fourth session of the satellite navigation Chinese annual meeting, a number of high-tech products have superior satellite become let people at your fingertips.
The bus turned the wheel
All documented
In Wuhan Yixun electronic company booth, can see a special bus equipment supervision. The device called Beidou official vehicle dynamic information cloud services platform, divided into the vehicle positioning system, video monitoring system and background monitoring system. In the background monitoring display, as long as a red dot represents the launch vehicle bus, where the whole is recorded. If the driving circuit and official independent, background monitoring personnel can contact at any time when the thing the car driver, and monitored by the in car camera. This monitoring system has also been ported to mobile phones. Just download the mobile client is authorized, can use mobile phone to know the unit where and in what bus.
To see the phone just know
Where there is a parking space
In Wuhan flying unlimited company booth, is selling parking spaces to find solution. Company planning department manager Hu Xiaolei introduced, they collect Wuhan roadside, pavement, underground parking information, and then through the Beidou satellite transmitted to the company background. The background to these information collection to a to find parking spaces on the site, the user login website, using a mobile phone to download the client can query. For example, the driver thought Yellow Crane Tower play, soon will find the scenic area parking lot and there is no vacancy, or distance scenic empty parking position where recent.
Hu Xiaolei introduces, at present the company has collected from Wuhan city center 17000 roadside parking information. Curb side parking fee for each brush a POS machine, parking spaces occupied or vacant information will be transferred to the company background. In addition, the company is the Yellow Crane Tower, Wuhan University Science Park, East Lake mountain grinding pilot, is expected at the end of 6 will be able to make these places in the parking lot smarter".
Distress when see the stars
Can be positioned
The field is in distress no mobile phone signal does not matter, as long as can see stars have rescued the opportunity. Beijing novog booth, can see a new locator with only a cell phone and mobile phone with the same size, equipped with 4 inch big screen, 5000000 megapixel camera, Android 4 operating system. The company responsible for the introduction, this equipment is mainly used for the field orientation, full of electricity can be used for a week. As long as the holders of the equipment in the field even if the phone no signal, as long as you can see the stars can be satellite positioning. Compared with GPS, Beidou satellite equipment holders also through texting, a more detailed report.