Cool summer activities together Wukesong large sets of thousands of products Le Amoy cool

Time:2013-07-26    From:Alibaba    View:1513
Midsummer, the Wukesong large sets from July 4th to 29 at the Wukesong Basketball Hall on the eastern side of the greenhouse at. This large set the theme of "Amoy cool", all kinds of good summer activities naturally become the main, in addition to variety, quality and cheap silk clothing let you wear cool, reporters this time will take you Tao summer life activities, let you regardless of home, or travel, can find the slightest coolness.
First talk about the home must mat. A large set of mat varieties are: leather, bamboo fiber, cloth, linen, silk, bamboo, rattan peel, have everything that one expects to find it. Leather summer sleeping mat is summer luxury seats, the whole piece cowhide from Sichuan has antibacterial, deodorant, heat dissipation characteristics, breathable, cool, each 2000 yuan although the price does not poor, but with this piece of mat, can let you enjoy the life. Another high-end mat variety is the silk mat, it used the tussah silk woven, with anti mite anti allergic skin, soothe the nerves, and other characteristics, the price more than 2000 yuan per bed. The price for the bamboo summer sleeping mat, material selection for more than 5 years of high quality bamboo, bamboo fiber content of 100%, has the characteristics of soft and smooth, sweat absorbing, don't touch the body and easy cleaning; in addition, the linen, rattan peel, cloth mat is very cheap, ranging from dozens of yuan per bed left and right.
In previous years the Wukesong summer, new bladeless fan favored by consumers, this year it appears in the large set, in addition to the traditional circular type, also appeared the heart-shaped, flower type, elliptic and other new products. According to the briefing, the fan because no leaf does not hurt, so the use of safety, it is soft wind, 90 degree rotation, the energy consumption is 30% lower than the ordinary electric fan.
If no leaf electric fan is already on the set of "old face", so the electric fan umbrella you must feel fresh - umbrella has a fan of cute, let you go out in the summer can also "to the wind was the wind". The electric fan umbrella umbrella for imported glass fiber, toughness and superabundant, two switch can automatically cut off the power supply, but also can rotate 360 degrees, use is also very convenient.
The summer to go out, umbrella is essential, a large set of various function of the umbrella can make people Tiaohua Yan: anti 5 - 8 wind windproof umbrella, ultra light beach fishing umbrella, anti UV umbrella, automatic zero transparent umbrella etc., divided into ultra-fine, ultra short and ultra light, super anti ultraviolet radiation variety, is the summer essential jiapin. For example, a full automatic umbrella broke what shortcomings received in full automatic umbrella can not live, with a finger can easily a barometer and exactly, and is. There is a wonderful water a flower umbrella, water show patterns.
In the cool activities, there are a variety of styles woven with grass, cotton, hemp, silk and other kinds of plant fiber color sunshade cap, can not only shade, some of them can prevent ultraviolet ray. The cheapest straw hat only a few dollars a top, high-grade silk hat is a few yuan, chosen by you to like.