Chinese international clean industry expo 2013: clean the air China dream

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The Chinese, groundwater pollution in Shandong, Hunan, poisonous rice snack shop ice events, Staphylococcus aureus...... A series of environmental pollution, food safety incidents are drumming on the background of Chinese clean industries -- in the whole society in the debate and chase Chinese dream, Chinese cleaning industry is also put forward industry Chinese dream in 2013 Chinese international clean industry expo, which is to provide a safer, healthier, more efficient living environment for the masses.
Therefore, Chinese international clean industry expo 2013 in order to "clean air Chinese dream" as the theme, advocate the whole industry to new clean as an opportunity, grasp life clean industry is to create beauty, create a healthy and safe environment, create efficient direction for the development of this profound change, devote themselves to stable markets, good products, new real mode, innovation, and further enhance the enterprise internal impetus, "force Lian" brand core value, based on the industry value chain of the commanding heights, to adapt to changes in market demand in new period, green development, to achieve the sustainable development of the industry.
The third session of the Chinese international clean industry fair in 2013 August 1-3 grand opening at the Beijing International Conference center. The exposition has become more professional, five theme exhibition planning clear. In addition to industrial and public facilities clean products and solutions, personal and household cleaning products, day of washing products, and biological control products debut and solutions, property management products and solutions, self cleaning products and solutions. From the global 10 countries and regions more than 100 enterprises, has brought thousands of clean newly developed products and solutions, this exposition is a 360 degree cleaning international big party.
Million people visit the mission to professional CICIE highlights business results
CICIE always adhere to focus on business results, integrate the market needs, provide one-stop procurement and exchange platform for buyers, each session attracted many many professional buyers and society support. The Expo received more than ten associations and enterprises to visit, including: China daily sundry goods industry association, China health pest control association, the Chinese Photographic Society of photocatalytic professional committee, Beijing property management industry association, Tianjin City Property Management Association, Hebei Province HS Property Management Professional Committee, Beijing cleaning industry association, Beijing City Federation of industry and Commerce cleaning industry association, Tianjin City Association, Henan cleaning cleaning industry association, Shenzhen City Sanitation Association, Shanghai city appearance and Environmental Sanitation Industry Association, Beijing city appearance and Environmental Sanitation Association, Beijing Food Industry Association, Beijing chemical association, and the VIP super group to come to the spot. Their arrival is to show the recognition and affirmation, also bring unlimited business opportunities for the participating exhibitors.
The exhibition through the government's appeal joint industry professional associations and many quality channel buyers regiment formed strategic cooperation, the most professional, high-quality buyers groups as convergence. A seamless exchange, realize the butt joint of brand and brand, brand and channels, to discuss business cooperation and expand channels of the road.
Wonderful concurrent activities close to the development trend of boosting industry
During the fair held in the same period the activities of different types, the popular "health clean green experience area", wonderful show cutting-edge technology, cleaning products in the future development trend and "only Jane, Wei Jian" brand connotation, let the audience for the first time to feel the industry leading technology, touch the current development trend. The same period will also be held "I love green and clean - concentrated washing brand logo for bottles of courtesy activities, through experience, interactive form, let more audience zero distance to experience a dynamic event.