Human Resources
Talent Strategy
As a professional OEM manufacturer, established in 2003 & specializes in producing & exporting wide range of skincare and bodycare products, Besthope strongly support our customers to meet with the rapid market changes & needs.
Our Policy
Human resources are the greatest asset of Besthope. We respect knowledge and innovation and strive for a fair, transparent and cooperative working environment. We protect employees' rights and interests and provide them with a development platform and space to align and harmonize their values with the values of the company.

Training and Development
Besthope respects the personalities and interests of employees and pays attention to their career plans. Through the skills cultivation, selection and allocation mechanism, we try to create a suitable development channel for every employee.
on the corporate culture, Besthope emphasizes on cultivating the talents and coordinating working environment improvement. Through training, it strengthens employees to obtain actual operation ability. Besthope sticks to the idea that be people-oriented, appoint people on their merit, give full scope to the talents.

Our People
We promote overseas human resources management and development, to adapt to our fast developing international business situation, and to build a talent team and human resource management system appropriate for an integrated international energy company. To this end, we continue to push forward staff localization and talent diversification in overseas projects to create a multi-culture harmonious working environment, and provide a series of training for host country nationals.