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Note little life refrigerator for daily use

Time:2013-09-29    From:Alibaba    View:2930
1, refrigerated goods not too close, leave space to air circulation, so the food cool faster, reduce compressor run times, save electric energy.
2, in the fridge in fresh fruits and vegetables, we must put them out. If the fruit and vegetable together, will cause the hot cold, it will consume more power.
3, for those with larger weight of food, according to each family of edible portions separate packaging, remove only the amount of time consumed once, without spending a large pieces of food are taken out from the refrigerator, not use up back. Repeated freezing is not only a waste of electricity, and easy to damage the food.
Method 4, frozen foods thaw water flushing, several natural thaw, thaw both need a period of time. Before eating a few hours, can put the frozen food from the freezer "transfer" to the freezer, because cold frozen food can help keep the temperature, reduce the operation of the compressor, so as to achieve the purpose of saving electricity, but its release was "cold", so as to achieve the purpose of thawing, kill two birds with one stone, ha ha.
In 5, placed in the refrigerator, in general should be reserved on both sides of 5 - 10 cm, 10 cm and 10 cm above the rear space, can help the refrigerator cooling. Not with the audio, television, microwave ovens and other appliances together, these electric heat generation will increase the power consumption of the refrigerator.