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Hometextile popular gift market, ecological environmental protection is popular

Time:2011-11-11    From:Alibaba    View:2782
According to the National Association of industry and Commerce gift industry association "2010 China gift sales report" statistics show, 2010, gift sales increased to 950000000000 yuan, a 890000000000 yuan in 2009, surge once again. The personage inside course of study expresses, with demand for gifts at home and abroad is increasing constantly, the entire industry sales are increasing at an annual rate of more than 100 billion.
The report shows, textile products sales has been upgraded to a gift company 28% of sales. Home textile products involved in the gift industry, much later than the arts and crafts, electronic products, crystal gifts, bags, gift, but the gift of textile after, but soon become a hot new favorites. Especially innovative textile gifts, has far to go in the front of the market.
Known as China's first exhibition gifts home called "the nineteenth China (Shenzhen) International Toys and Gifts Fair" will be held on October 20th to 23 in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, the opening of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center exhibition hall not only nine, and channel service hall two floor will open as a whole exhibition area. Over 100000 square meters scale the gift show record, will attract many international giants manufacturers, concentrated display of great personality and taste of home textile products, panorama of ecological environmental protection of textile products.