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The traditional tea culture, tea ceremony be just unfolding gifts

Time:2011-11-29    From:Alibaba    View:2775
In September 21, 2011, Chinese Tea Circulation Association for the first time officially announced "2011 Chinese tea industry development report". The report, in 2010 China's tea planting area of 1970000 hectares, ranking first in the world; the tea output of 1475000 tons, ranking first in the world; tea agricultural output value of 53000000000 yuan, ranking first in the world; tea export 302400 tons, ranking second in the world, the export amount of $784000000, ranking second in the world.
In fact, obtain such achievement is the development history and Chinese tea inseparable. Tea originated in Chinese Tea Ancestor Shennong, is. Chinese tea and then spread to the world, to enhance human health a great contribution, but also adds infinite charm for the concept of health and tea culture. Today, the world is aware of the health benefits of tea, this gift each other has been widely accepted, it is the inherent power of tea industry vigorous development.
As early as in the Tang Dynasty, Liu Zhenliang will be tea benefits summed up as "ten virtues": to Yu Qi tea powder, tea flooding sleeping gas, to keep tea angry with tea Chubing gas, with Li Li Ren tea, tea table with respect to taste the taste of tea, with tea to tea feasible Road, can ya chi. Visible in the ancient times, tea for the ceremony that mind and respect practices have been rooted in the hearts of the people. While in the "tea", Lu Yu will be graded tea, it also shows that in ancient times people have begun to pay attention to the quality of tea, which makes the major tea heritage, has a long history. And with the development of tea industry, tea as a gift is becoming a fashion gifts, that people began to change from goods aptitude culture.