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Gifts consumption continued warming, "she" Theme Charm bloom

Time:2012-04-11    From:Alibaba    View:2796
According to the latest statistics data in 2011, the National Bureau of statistics, at present our country has 4 million families, 6.5 hundred million women, women and family life consumption is the consumption of residents in China market. In the past Match 8 Women's Day department, not only simple beauty travel agency sought after "she" economy, paying more attention to the automobile, household appliances, even the Bank of male consumer market have also played the "women only" concept, emphasizing the "female characteristics" to woo women consumers.
According to estimates "Research Institute of China gift industry in 2011 China gift consumption", individual years gift consumer demand in the 505500000000 yuan, with women like shopping consumption habits speculated that female gifts consumption enough to occupy half of the country. Will be opening in April 25th of "the twentieth China (Shenzhen) International Gifts, handicrafts, watches and household products exhibition", will be in the grand scale of 110000 square metre, full interpretation of "she" fashion.
Usher in the "she" era, the merchant clinging to the demands of women
"She economy" easy suction gold, that from the release of various statistics recently. Display of professional women in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, the investigation of 10 large and medium-sized cities in 2011 the lives of women in the blue book, 10 months before 2010, a garment consumption of 96.8% women per month, the average monthly cost of 4267.8 yuan. Cosmetics, display the sampling investigation of KWP of market research organization, the Chinese cosmetics average annual consumption amounted to 1133.5 yuan. Usually, these cosmetics are mostly women consumption.