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Domestic big coffee show, intimate life as much as by the Shenzhen gift show in

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Happiness is not an appointment, in a busy week, but there are a lot of chores to processing, if a very awesome little helper Home Furnishing life, you will find that simple is also a kind of happiness.
Such care, will be this year's "twenty-first Chinese (Shenzhen) one of the topics of international gifts, crafts, Houseware Fair". From April 25th to 28, who can help a helping hand, to all kinds of household big coffee make life convenient will appear in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, uninterrupted show a wonderful life.
Intelligent small home appliance, sent to care
We have recently isolated a robot who is? The robot cleaner popular in recent years a number of absolute. Upgrade through continuous technology, a robot vacuum cleaner has realized a key intelligence operations, gently press, can realize the automatic detection of dust, booking cleaned regularly and timely automatic charging function, enjoy the clean state.
Just got off work go to wash a large basket of vegetables is inadequate, shrewd businessmen launched the machine for fruits and vegetables, the liberation of many young workers. "In the past, wash the grapes have a separate, now as long as the whole bunch of grapes in the automatic machine for fruits and vegetables, quietly wait, a disk clean grapes are waiting for you to enjoy." Exhibitors EST design detoxification machine for fruits and vegetables, pesticide residue free removal by oxidation technology, the liberation of hands, keep healthy.
Send care and intelligent electric toothbrush, it can in two minutes you turn to complete instructions on oral every area clean, also can be in the whitening mode for 30 seconds in the key role on the front teeth, the effect is obvious and is also easy to operate.
"Small stature, great wisdom", this spring to Shenzhen gift show smart living goods is dazzling, talking of the electric rice cooker, microwave oven, automatic conversion furnace electric pressure cooker, can become a pure water drinking machine and so on, are that the small household electrical appliances intelligent time comprehensive came.