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Environmental wind blowing, the hotel purchasing ready Shenzhen Gift Show

Time:2013-10-09    From:Alibaba    View:2859
In recent years, the vigorous development of benefit from tourism in our country, Chinese hotel industry has become one of the third industry in our country with the fastest developing speed. Statistical data from the China Turist Hotel Association shows, as of the end of 2012, the number of the national five Stars Hotel has reached 721. And economy hotel chain is growing at an alarming rate. At present, the number of domestic Fasthotel has been close to 10000, including magnitude such as home, 7 days, Jinjiang, brand Econo Hotel have entered into the "times of 1000 Inn".
Accordingly, hotel supplies also show a steel supply and demand scene. In April 25th, "the twenty-first session of the China (Shenzhen) International Gifts, handicrafts, watches and household products exhibition" will be a grand opening in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, 115000 square meters scale exhibition covers ceramics, textiles, fashion decorations, crafts, lighting, office supplies, small appliances, kitchen supplies, health food etc.. According to reports, according to the current situation of market of hotel supplies, this exhibition more further strengthened the hotel buyer invitation.
Hotel linen focus on personalized experience
Avenir Hotel industry trend is more dependent on the personalized and humanized, to make the guests feel the real feel at home, in addition to the hotel management, room service, one of the hotel linen and textile products quality is also an indispensable index.
Hotel linen is the outstanding point overall harmony, must consider the particularity and the room environment coordination and room function, unified to the attention of the home environment with the overall style of the local decoration. In terms of quality, because of the need to adapt to frequent industrial washing, colour fastness to washing and friction resistance, water absorption, tensile strength and other internal demand high quality.