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The mother-in-law aunt become force love online shopping to buy groceries

Time:2012-12-27    From:Besthope    View:2775
Today, online shopping, TV shopping shopping way, is no longer a young people's exclusive. Many of the elderly in the familiar with online shopping shopping enthusiasm after the operation, even higher than the young teenagers. At the same time, fast and convenient online shopping mode, has changed a lot in the elderly shopping habits. "My mom a smallpox in the Taobao on time, on average more than 3 hours." The family lives in Quan Tang Street Xinggang community Luo Jingru tells a reporter, he had a love Taobao mother. "My home is like a Taobao mall, there are Soybean Milk machine, microwave oven, oven, velvet was, bread machine, stainless steel pot, Teflon non-stick cookware, small articles of daily use some......" Luo Jingru's mother MS introduce yourself in the Amoy to goods still somewhat embarrassed, because a lot of bought in Taobao things, now lying in the closet to sleep. Luo Jingru laughed and said, young people will mind fever when shopping, his mother is no exception. And young people focus on clothing and cosmetics are different, a lot of the elderly in the net to buy more of the commodity. In Jiangbei town government work Hu sister now can be regarded as Taobao expert, young female colleagues what Taobao information sometimes will ask her. "Me, from top to bottom are bought from taobao. Her husband's clothes are mostly Tao, even the mother-in-law wanted to learn taobao." Hu Jie said that his network has purchased 3, 4 years, under her leadership, sister and her mother-in-law all joined the "Taobao army". According to Taobao data published by the national aged over 50, more than 1750000 users, of which more than 130 have been shopping behavior. Since 2010, has been neglected for e-commerce organizations in the elderly population, has become a net to buy the new force, whether the transaction amount or purchase number, annual ring with high speed growth of more than 200%.