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Mid Autumn Festival this year, department store sales of pre cooling commodity general sale

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According to the Hercynian morning news reports, from the mid autumn festival only for a few days, before now, it is all micro-blog, Micro message through various channels "show" Mid Autumn Festival "booty" each time.
But this year, this one word in Wang an enterprise to work in Micro message wrote: "haven't opened the Bo." friends ", obtain favorable response". Many friends Wang all message said, although there is still a week is the Mid Autumn Festival, but his hands even dice haven't touched.
So, some people make friends with congenial persons, cheaper to buy some daily necessities, chipped in Bo, enjoyable.
Commodity sale consumer preferential
Reporter survey found that Xiamen market, in addition to the traditional moon cake sales contract, commodity sales decline than in previous years.
A lot of daily necessities, cosmetics "everyone" will have to increase sales promotion strength, price to attract consumers to, add some daily sales, to make up for this year is not optimistic about the performance of some of the "mid autumn festival".
Xiao Liu is one day activities "aircraft carrier" of the market department person in charge, the annual mid autumn arrived, people responsible for their sector to the total from the headquarters of Shanghai Lingming, personally to the Xiamen market to "chair". However, this year has just been promoted her great pressure. According to the data of sales last month, commodity sales have fallen by around 45% than in previous years. In order to "turn the tide", she had to apply for increase sales promotion strength.
In fact, this year's Mid Autumn Festival, daily necessities "sale" has become a common phenomenon, reporters yesterday in Mingfa shopping district saw many daily necessities, cosmetics had the biggest reduction this year: "L'OREAL", "Shiseido," Olay "balancing", "Gauss", "Peng Peng", "VS" daily necessities "big coffee" has opened the prelude of low sales promotion.
Some 35% off of all, VS experience travel set will be 5 yuan, Bar Towels price as long as 1.5 yuan...... Mid Autumn Festival this year, Xiamen daily necessities, cosmetics also shot down in price.
"Never seen such a great price." Miss Chen told reporters that the unit has no cake, but because the price is cheap, she almost buy a year need to daily necessities, cosmetics. Reporters have also seen, although prices dropping lower and lower, but the team still only, but attracted a large number of individual, have procurement, preferential from. They are out of their own pockets to buy some daily necessities, and with the family and friends of Bo a.
Moon cakes "cabbage price" sales promotion also depends on the face"
"Soon the Mid Autumn Festival, we help out, buy some moon cakes......" Yesterday, in the lake the open shop Wang sent hundreds of information, calling relatives and friends to enjoy moon cakes, side call everybody "give a little face, buy some moon cakes".
Wang also is not done baking, or professional selling moon cakes. He buy 500 boxes of moon cakes is "sell" the friend's face, had ordered. "Decades of old friends, had never let me help anything, this let me buy some moon cakes." Lao Wang said, of course, the price of moon cakes are "friends" price, cheaper than the market price.
The reporter learned that, sales and prices fell, many enterprises received orders than last year to reduce three or four, profits fell even up to 50%.
Because this year the moon cake sales contract, many food enterprises put the moon cake sale and "performance" hung up the hook - sell mooncakes on "face", also on the "sell buy moon cake, moon cake sales face" almost "general mobilization".