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New ideas of daily necessities, global retail Shanghai own brand new look

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China has a large population, commodity is closely connected with people's life, the market demand. From the day of class, class, class Home Furnishing kitchen, kitchen class to the style class, pet, class DIY wait for fractionize industry diversification, daily necessities industry shows its huge capacity, how to look for trading opportunities in so many and complicated market? A shortcut to the most time-saving is through professional exhibition platform.
On December 11, 2013 to 13, the fourth global retail own brand products Asia Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "PLF") will be held in the "Shanghai International Procurement Exhibition Center". In the city of Shanghai, the Ministry of commerce support, by the Shanghai international sourcing Promotion Center Co. Ltd (ISPC) and private label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) Co sponsored with store brand products as the theme of professional exhibitions, has gradually become its own brand of professional audience China retail industry, scale is the largest, most influential grand event.
Daily patterns, leading professional buyers favor
As a global retail brand approval from all walks of life China first exhibition, exhibitors are unified standard for screening high quality pure manufacturers, invite professional buyers are composed of PLMA, ISPC10 years 30 years overseas buyers resources accumulation in china. In addition, the organizers declined non professional buyers and look forward to the scene of the retail use price leverage to ordinary consumers, from the side to maintain the scene of professional negotiations atmosphere.
The site will be gathered from "cleaning supplies", "storage products" "kitchen products" "bedding" "Home Furnishing activities" "textile products" "stationery" "auto supplies" "pet" "disposable" daily necessities such as sub category showcases, create diversified commodities and intensive segments of the industry, to provide professional retailers buyers for participating manufacturers zero distance communication opportunities. With the 3 participants after the show feedback, effect of trade reputation frequently.
In addition, as the exhibition features ideas supermarket (Idea Supermarket), 25 international and domestic retailers focus on display from 13 different countries every year to own brand products, to share the global leading the development of its own brand products innovation and industry trend of retail.
Own brand potential, promote the economical trade
The development of own brands has become a global trend, supermarket own brand through intermediate links save production to the terminal consumption, thus obtaining obvious price advantage, has been quickly occupied 30% of the global market share. 5% out of the Chinese market is still waiting for a breakthrough.
In the consumption continued to mature today, commodity overcapacity and brand overload, people's eyes are more focused on the products rather than brand, such as cleaning products is not good, home is not comfortable, the storage box is not practical, so that consumers care more about the price tag of the product price. The homogeneity excellent price own brand in the industry concerned.
The market trend, as to conform to the needs of the consumer, retail buyers through the development of high profit and low cost of own brand, promote the conservation oriented procurement is imperative. But as the manufacturer, using the retailer super own brand cooperation, save the R & D, channels, promotional costs, digestive redundant productivity, expand foreign trade market, why not.
Overall, daily necessities of the development of private brand has become the hot item many companies scrambling to mount. It is reported that the 2013 global retail brand Asia exhibition has attracted a lot of attention in the industry, whether in economical trade based, or consideration of domestic and foreign retailers super foreign trade development, I believe this is your opportunity not to be missed.
Detailed information please visit the "global retail own brand products exhibition in Asia".